Diesel storage and fuel solutions

Continuous refueling

For places without conventional fuel supply, Intermetal Motor delivers an easy, safe and reliable solution using mobile fuel tanks and tank systems.

The tanks can be equipped with a pump installation or can be directly connected to machines. The delivered solutions are in compliance with the existing legislation regarding storage and transport of fuels (ADR and VLAREM). ADR-approved tanks up to 1000 litres can be transported even when filled, without any special ADR driving licence required.

The mobile fuel tanks and pump installations are a cost-effective way of refuelling excavators and other yard machines and to increase the autonomy of generators. The pump systems are fitted with a distribution hose and an automatic nozzle. The continuous supply of fuel guarantees a bigger autonomy and therefore a strongly reduced risk of shutdowns.

The Intermetal Motor fuel tanks are

  • compact (1000 litres take up approximately 1 m¬≤ gross floor area) and stackable
  • double-hulled and firmly reinforced (3 and 4 mm wall thickness with reinforced corners)
  • ergonomic with a sealable lid (protection against vandalism and theft)
  • competitively priced

Available editions

  • standard range: 250, 500 and 900 litres
  • heavy-duty (heavier construction): 1000, 2000 and 3000 litres