Emergency power supply

Uninterrupted power supply

These days the energy sector is going through rough times endangering the continuity of electricity supply even more.

An Intermetal Motor emergency power installation guarantees that you will always have access to electricity in order to power your critical applications. The installations are custom-built containing engines, alternators, distribution boards and control cabinets of trustworthy brands – your guarantee to maximum availability and efficiency.

Experienced service engineers take care of the delivery and the installation from A to Z: transport, installation, air ducts assembly and fuel supplies, installation of transfer switches and emergency call centres, etc. Our 24/7 service guarantees expert maintenance and a maximum availability.

A selection of our products (rental and sale)

  • Emergency power generators (1 to 2250 kVA)
  • Soundproofed or open edition
  • Stand-alone or synchronous
  • Options: fuel tanks, distribution boards and transfer switches, remote monitoring, etc.