4 tips for efficient drying of buildings

27 May 2015

Building dryers can considerably reduce the time required to complete finishing work on buildings. Professional dehumidifiers can also offer a highly efficient solution to combat water damage and other moisture problems. These tips and tricks will help you obtain the maximum benefit from your building dryers.

1. Keep out moist air

Mopping with the tap open is not a good idea. It’s no different when using building dryers. Ensure that the building is sealed so as to be air tight, to prevent humid outside air from entering.

2. Ensure adequate heating

Building dryers require a minimum temperature of 12°C. Without this, no results or only negligible results will be achieved. That is why building dryers should be combined with a mobile heating solution to ensure that a minimum temperature of 12°C is maintained.

3. Ensure air circulation

Good air circulation will ensure that the construction materials are constantly in contact with dried air so as to release the maximum moisture. Therefore use fans to ensure sufficient air circulation in the building. This will considerably accelerate the drying process.

4. Place heating systems inside

Wherever possible, place heating systems in the room to be heated. This reduces heat loss and increases efficiency by 50%. Ensure proper ventilation of exhaust gas into the outside air.